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I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast for years. I had started making plans back in 2011 to do so, and due to my life deciding to take a much different path, I had to abandon them.

Now, a decade later (give or take a few months), I’m back to where I was considering it.

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So I asked if there was any of my followers on social media who may be interested in it. Turns out, yes there is. I’m also pretty sure I know who the nay-sayers were and well, it comes down to tough luck to them. They’ll probably hate listen anyway, which pays off for me in the end.

I’m preparing to get my podcast on the “air” soon. While I could just hook up my phone to my headset, I would much rather prepare and provide a polished end product.

When I get things finished, I’ll be posting here and on my social media about where you can find the podcast and subscribe to it. I haven’t decided on what platform I’ll be making it available, but the majority of them send it out to the big players like Spotify in the end, so I don’t anticipate any issues in getting it to you.

I’ll be talking about the things I do here to start, but I am open to other topics and guests! So, expect a lot of talk about writing, music, and mental health.

So stay tuned to this space for more details soonish! I’m also hoping to get back into a regular posting schedule here and a few other places. Keep your fingers crossed that things work out this time. This year has been very stressful for everyone and I am definitely not immune to that. It has taken its toll on me and my writing – and I’m hoping to get back to a routine very soon!

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