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When You Can’t Trust Your Brain

Lately, I’ve had a lot going on. I’m back to writing, and trying to deal with how my brain tends to do this thing where it hates me. I am firmly convinced that Aristotle was right in saying that there is no great genius without a touch of madness (not that I’m a freaking “great genius”). Science has actually proven that to some extent. Creative folks (and higher IQ folks) tend to be more prone to mental illness than background.

Right now I just wish my brain would actually just let me do what I need to do without going off on its own random tangents that usually lead nowhere good.

I thought that I had made some damn good strides in putting some things in my past firmly in the past to find that other things decided that would be a great idea to come and bite me on the ass.

Finding myself in a funk again with my pain spiking and vertigo nicely kicking my butt… wasn’t exactly something I was either wanting or anticipating. I really shouldn’t be shocked that my mental and physical health decided that this was a great time to tag team me (mind and matter and all that jazz) but I was, and it was nicely followed up by news about medical things that really left me burned on our health system here.

The perfect storm topped with another perfect storm with added crap in the forcast. Yeah, that sounds pessimistic, but I am working on positivity dispite the crap adding up on my life.