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Workspace Update

I’ve been away from things because I’ve been doing a workspace update. I thought I was done when we painted the office and moved everything back in.

At this point, I should know better. We found that the initial setup just didn’t work for us. My spouse is a continually active person – he fidgets and moves — so having my desk up against his, just didn’t work – I was getting motion sick from my monitors jiggling around. Now, to most people, it wouldn’t be a bother, but for me, it was the difference between getting work done and being unable to look at a screen.

We sat down and pulled up the measurements of the room and how I had initially planned it – which he wasn’t sure would work. Turns out it works quite well. I’ve been able to sit down and get both graphics work done and some writing. I’ve got to sit down and get my podcast done, but I’m finally starting to make headway in getting things done because – well, I can look at my screens for more than a few minutes at a time, and I’m not admonishing my spouse for their stims that help them focus – which, let me be clear – I’ve hated doing.

I hope this current setup continues to work out, because it is quite nice, and I enjoy it. We’re able to share the space, and both get work done. With the likelihood that work from home will be continuing for quite a while thanks to the ongoing pandemic, being able to work in the same space while not getting on each other’s nerves is a wonderful thing. In this 2020 hellscape, I’ll take all the small moments of happiness that I can find in a day. Hell, in life.

I have a few things planned to talk about in the new year, and I hopefully we get a wrap-up post done before the end of the month. But I’ll be continuing to rest until we’re back to “normal”.

Until then – take care of yourself.