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The time has arrived…

My editor has handed back my edits for the first book. Now I have to sit and go through them all. I trust her ability and feedback, so the sense of trepidation is less than someone else looking at my work. Someone else has seen my baby and didn’t run screaming. In fact it has […]


So, I’ve Been Absent

It was not planned. I had a cold that decided that it was going to try to replace my brains with snot, make me cough up my lungs on the hour, and I’m honestly surprised I didn’t bleed out my eyes. A friend of mine mentioned that my symptoms sounded like her own cold of […]

Screen With Writing

Eyes to a new year…

I can’t help but look back at who I used to be. I miss that person in some ways. I miss feeling creative like I did then. I don’t miss the fact that my brain was even more out to kick my ass. But feeling connected to my characters, I really do miss that. Right […]

New Year, Same Me…

I honestly don’t do that “new year, new me thing”. If anything is worth starting, you start it without having to wait until the new year. Right now the only thing I’m going to “resolve” to do is make this year better than last year. My health made 2017 a bit of a garbage fire. […]